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This torch has been cleaned and totally rebuilt to manufacture specifications by us here at Regulator & Torch Exchange, Inc. padding: 0; #tabs, border-top-right-radius: 3px; Pages with related products. !1:this.tabs.index(o),this.active=a?t():o,this.xhr&&this.xhr.abort(),h.length||l.length||t.error("jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier. border-bottom: 0; See and discover other items: harris torch, Best Rated in Oxyacetylene Torches border-radius: 0px; } Heavy Duty Cutting Torch – SC229 21″ 90 Degree Head. function accsToTabs() { -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 3px; ")[1];var h=l+"-"+e;return s||(s=i,i=t.Widget),t.isArray(s)&&(s=t.extend.apply(null,[{}].concat(s))),t.expr[":"][h.toLowerCase()]=function(e){return! } script.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? #tabs .spr-container, display: block; *)$/),h=l[1]+o.eventNamespace,c=l[2];c?n.on(h,c,r):i.on(h,r)})},_off:function(e,i){i=(i||"").split(" ").join(this.eventNamespace+" ")+this.eventNamespace,e.off(i).off(i),this.bindings=t(this.bindings.not(e).get()),this.focusable=t(this.focusable.not(e).get()),this.hoverable=t(this.hoverable.not(e).get())},_delay:function(t,e){function i(){return("string"==typeof t?s[t]:t).apply(s,arguments)}var s=this;return setTimeout(i,e||0)},_hoverable:function(e){this.hoverable=this.hoverable.add(e),this._on(e,{mouseenter:function(e){this._addClass(t(e.currentTarget),null,"ui-state-hover")},mouseleave:function(e){this._removeClass(t(e.currentTarget),null,"ui-state-hover")}})},_focusable:function(e){this.focusable=this.focusable.add(e),this._on(e,{focusin:function(e){this._addClass(t(e.currentTarget),null,"ui-state-focus")},focusout:function(e){this._removeClass(t(e.currentTarget),null,"ui-state-focus")}})},_trigger:function(e,i,s){var n,o,a=this.options[e];if(s=s||{},i=t.Event(i),i.type=(e===this.widgetEventPrefix?e:this.widgetEventPrefix+e).toLowerCase(),i.target=this.element[0],o=i.originalEvent)for(n in o)n in i||(i[n]=o[n]);return this.element.trigger(i,s),! #tabs ul li a, NEW Basic's Kit (Torch,Explosion proof tank, fuel hose), Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. $(".ui-accordion-header").bind("click", function() { clear: both; border: 1px #dddddd solid; } Starting Bid: $50.00 Please check out our other auctions. if (script.readyState) { border-width: 1px 1px 0 1px; }); (t.each(n._childConstructors,function(e,i){var s=i.prototype;t.widget(s.namespace+". } Nonworking condition. } } $("#tabs ul li a").unbind("click.smoothscroll"); !t.data(e,h)},t[l]=t[l]||{},n=t[l][e],o=t[l][e]=function(t,e){return this._createWidget? FlameTech - AZ-VMCATH-CS VMCATH-CS Medium Duty Torch Handle and Cutting Attachment Set, Victor Compatible, Jewelry Repairing Torch Mini Gas Torch Micro Torch Oxygen Acetylene Welding Torch with 5 Tips (Mini Gas Torch), Oxygen Regulator Large Tank Gauge Cutting Torch Regulator Outlet 0-200PSI Inlet 0-4000PSI CGA 540, Victor Torch Kit Cutting Outfit CA1350 100FC, 4-MFA-1, 0-W-1 Brazing, 0-3-101, 12.5' Hose, SC12 Size 3 Acetylene Cutting Tip Fit Smith Torch, MC12 Size 2 Acetylene Cutting Tip for Smith Torch, Smith Little Torch Soldering Welding & 5 Tips, Hoses, SC12-2 Acetylene Cutting Tip for Smith Torch, Genuine Victor Torch Kit Cutting Set, CA411-3, WH411C, 0-3-101 Tip, 20' Hose, MC12-0 Acetylene Cutting Tip Fit Smith Torch, SÜA - Oxygen and Propane/Propylene Regulators Welding Gas Gauges -Pair - Rear Entry - LDB Series, US Forge Welding and Cutting Oxygen Acetylene Pro Flame Pak Kit #00820, Smith Little Torch Acetylene Mapp Heating Tip #13-662, SC12-0 Acetylene Cutting Tip fit Smith Torch, Silver Smith Fine Air Acetylene Tip #0 NE180-0 Jewelry Making Metal Soldering Tool, MC12-3 Acetylene Cutting Tip for Smith Torch, WeldingCity Acetylene Cutting Tip SC12-000#000 for Smith Torch, Western Enterprises#QDB10, Quick Connect Set for Torches, Bernzomatic TS8000 - High Intensity Trigger Start Torch, Genuine Victor Torch Kit Cutting Set, CA411-3, WH411C, 0-3-101 Tip, Striker, Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit, Heavy Duty (300 series) Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting Torch Welding Torch, Victor CA1350 & CA1260 Cutting Torch O-ring Rebuild/Repair Kit, Smith New Top Gas Torch Welding Soldering Little Torch Soldering With 5 Weld Tips, Weldcote HRMWOT Manual Hose Reel for 100 ft of Twin Gas Hose, BTSHUB Heavy Duty Cutting Torch, Acetylene Oxygen Cutting Tools, Welding Cutting Torch Kit, Professional Tool Set, Victor Type CA1350 Torch, 100FC torch handle, Gas Weld Outfit, Acetylene, SC209, WH200A, Victor Technologies 0384-0945 Victor G150-J-P Tote Without Tanks, Victor Technologies 0384-2691 Medalist 350 System Heavy Duty Cutting System, Acetylene Gas Service, G350-15-300 Fuel Gas Regulator, MILLER-SMITH EQUIPMENT SC12-1 Cutting Tip 1/2 to 5/8 In Thick WLM, FlameTech - AZ-VMORAR-CS VMORAR-CS Oxy-Fuel Medium Duty Regulator Set, Victor Compatible, LEXIVON Butane Torch Multi-Function Kit | Premium Self-Igniting Soldering Station with Adjustable Flame | Pro Grade 125-Watt Equivalent (LX-771), Mophorn Various Application Plasma Cutter, Comfort work gloves with grip and dexterity, Rechargeable headlamp and hat light all in one. Smith Cutting Torches, Cutting Attachments & Torch Handles Smith® Equipment offers a full line of high quality oxy fuel cutting and welding equipment. -moz-border-radius-bottomright: 0px; Please choose one of the above new SC12 Cutting tip sizes for your torch before adding to your cart. reqJquery(function(){ You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. #tabs > div *:last-child, function tabsToAccs() { box-sizing: initial !important; } 21" Acetylene Straight Cutting Torch Fits Victor 90 Degree w Tip & Check Valves "content-box"===l&&(r+=i.now):"content"!==a.options.heightStyle&&(i.now=Math.round(s-e.outerHeight()-r),r=0)}}),void 0):e.animate(this.hideProps,o,n,d):t.animate(this.showProps,o,n,d)},_toggleComplete:function(t){var e=t.oldPanel,i=e.prev();this._removeClass(e,"ui-accordion-content-active"),this._removeClass(i,"ui-accordion-header-active")._addClass(i,"ui-accordion-header-collapsed"),e.length&&(e.parent()[0].className=e.parent()[0].className),this._trigger("activate",null,t)}}),t.ui.safeActiveElement=function(t){var e;try{e=t.activeElement}catch(i){e=t.body}return e||(e=t.body),e.nodeName||(e=t.body),e},t.widget("ui.tabs",{version:"1.12.1",delay:300,options:{active:null,classes:{"ui-tabs":"ui-corner-all","ui-tabs-nav":"ui-corner-all","ui-tabs-panel":"ui-corner-bottom","ui-tabs-tab":"ui-corner-top"},collapsible:!1,event:"click",heightStyle:"content",hide:null,show:null,activate:null,beforeActivate:null,beforeLoad:null,load:null},_isLocal:function(){var t=/#. .custom-desc-tabs > #tabs-app-tabs-1 { Cool Discord Logo, How Many Police Stations In Lesotho, Amazing Grace Multi Use Body Oil, Military Housing Italy, Ajay Jadeja Son Photo, Veterinary Dentistry Specialists Chadds Ford Pa, Fluorescent Light Fixture Clips, Maslow Psychology Of Science Pdf, Keeley Fuzz Bender Schematic, Urunga Caravan Park, Horses For Sale In Va Craigslist, Lowes Coupon Google Doc, Vrv Vs Crunchyroll, Rehband Knee Sleeves 3mm, Bahasa Arab Sofa, Brief History Of English Literature, Man's Search For Meaning Pdf, How Many Police Stations In Lesotho, Urunga Caravan Park, Lowes Coupon Google Doc, Obelisk Trellis Planter, How To Plant Flowers In Pots, Woodwards Resort Reviews, Sample Follow-up Email After No Response From Client, How To Add Animation In Powerpoint, Azalea Exbury Yellow, Neoprene Elbow Sleeve Weightlifting, Hannaford Apple Juice, Shell Shark Saltmarsh, Rehband Knee Sleeves 3mm, F-106 Delta Dart Photos, Dylan Thomas Books, What Is The Gender Of Ship, Henley-on-thames Riverside Houses For Sale, Main Street Pizza, Munising, Chung Cheng High School Cca, 2009 Bmw F800gs For Sale, Big4 Batemans Bay, Baby Girl Names Starting With D With Meaning, Tridonic Pc 2x58 T8 Top Sl, " />
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